Family or Corporate?

We understand you have a lot of decisions when selling your business and we understand they're not easy decisions to make. Our goal is to help you make informed choices when taking this next pivotal step in your career. One of the biggest decisions you have in this process is choosing a corporate buyer or a family organization like Rollings Funeral Service.

OUr Focus is on you and your client families

As a family owned and operated organization, our focus is on giving your firm the tools and resources it needs to continue serving your families with the highest levels of compassion and respect. Unlike a corporate organization, we're not hampered by company mandates or pressure from shareholders that can get in the way. We want to make sure that we're doing all we can to assist you in your goal of providing families with dignified and meaningful funeral services. 

We're invested in the community you serve

We understand that you've built a successful business by consistently being there for your community when they needed you most. We also understand how important it is to give back to that community, which is why we give our firms the chance to support their local community efforts whenever possible. For a corporate organization, their only concern is their bottom-line. At Rollings Funeral Service, we continue to remain proud of our firms for how active they are in their communities. 

We want to keep your identity intact

Our philosophy is simple: we want to fit into your community -- not make your community fit into us. Your staff, your building, your name, everything that has helped to make your business into the success that it is will all remain the same because we understand they were the keys to that success. Unlike us, a corporate organization can come in and change everything about your business to align it more with their identity. What works for one firm of theirs may not always work for another. We understand that all of our firms have their own identity and it's important to us that they retain those identities that their families have come to trust. 

Personal Relationships are important to us

To Greg and Debbie Rollings, it's important that they form relationships with their employees that are deeper than just knowing their names. The employees here are the heart and soul of our organization, which is why Greg and Debbie make themselves available 24/7 to their employees for anything they need. With a corporate organization, the President/CEO can be some hard to reach figure that you'll only ever be a number to. With us, you become part of the Rollings family.